Where is God calling you to bring his Kingdom to the city of Atlanta? 

Atlanta Justice Program exists to cultivate spaces and experiences of holistic transformation for college students across the Southeast. Through exposure and encounter with the brokenness and the restoration at work in the city of Atlanta, students will return to the college campus equipped to create prophetic spaces of healing, reconciliation, and truth. 

In engaging our full selves, we will discover more of God's unique calling for each of us, as well as our campus groups, in order to join in the restorative work in the city of Atlanta. 

encounter the city

We will spend five days living in community within the city of Clarkston, Georgia, home to the nation's most diverse square mile as well as thousands of resettled refugees. We will learn from some of the most marginalized populations in the city of Atlanta, community developers, as well as entrepreneurs exploring creative responses to brokenness in the city.

Throughout the week, we will be exposed to the history and the present reality of systematic brokenness in the city, as well as the prophetic work of resistance and restoration, both past and present, and together, we will engage in it.

explore your faith

How does the Bible call us to respond to issues of marginalization, immigration, racism, poverty, systematic injustice and other places of brokenness in our cities and our world? How has God uniquely created you in all of the identities and stories that you carry to respond to the world? What is your place in the Kingdom work of God in the city of Atlanta and in the community of God?

Together, we will explore what it means to love our neighbor, to be active members of restoration in our community, and to be aware inhabitors of our cities and campuses as we bring the fullness of the Gospel into every corner of our lives.

What is God is using you?


How will you respond? 

DATES: March 11-15, 2018

PRICE: $100 (includes food and housing) 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Talk to your staff worker at your local campus or email us at atlantajusticeprogram@gmail.com.