Bethaney Herrington

Emory University - B.A. Educational Studies/Community Development

"Jesus found me when I was in high school. I was a part of churches prior to high school, but it wasn't until was 16 that I feel like I encountered the real person of Jesus for the first time. As such, finding a thriving Christian community at college was of the utmost importance to me.

When I got to Emory, I connected with InterVarsity almost immediately. I don't remember much of how it happened - I just know that they had a freshman outreach where they fed us dinner, linked us up with Bible study leaders in our dorms, and signed us up for carpools to local churches. I joined a women's small group that met weekly on the bottom floor of my building, and that group of women grew into the foundation of some of my most meaningful college relationships. 

It's in my personality to give myself fully to whatever I commit to, so I invested in InterVarsity whole-heartedly after that freshman small group Bible study. I went with IV to the Chicago Urban Program for the Spring Break and Summer of that year, applied to be a small group leader my sophomore year, went on a Global Urban Trek the summer after my sophomore year, and applied to be on the core leadership team of InterVarsity for my junior and senior years. I also attended Urbana 2009! It was such a rich experience - growing in Christ-centered community with other students. Together, we grew in our love for God's word and in loving commitment to God's mission in the world. There was nothing like it!

Following college, I considered going on staff with InterVarsity because being a part of the ministry impacted me so powerfully, but it wasn't the right time. So I got a community development apprenticeship at my church in Atlanta. From that job, I went on start a career in urban farming. While farming at a local non-profit is how I pay my bills and serve my community, my deeper passion is building community development and reconciliation capacity in churches and organizations. To this end, I'm working with my local church community to launch a race dialogues series. Much of what I do professionally and in ministry is directly linked to my training as a student in InterVarsity!"